Victoria's population increase (2011-2016)


of Victoria's business owners (surveyed) that had to increase salaries to attract 


Victoria's rental vacancy


Victoria has the least affordable smaller housing market in Canada


We would like Victoria to be...



A healthy city with leafy neighbourhoods where we can afford to raise our kids



A city where lack of housing doesn't hinder 

businesses from retaining and attracting talent



A city where you can walk or ride from your home to your favourite coffee shop, park, gym, grocery store, barber, pool, back to the coffee shop, and then to a pub...in the same day.



A city with exceptional urban design, public spaces 

and architecture


A city where we have inclusiveshared neighbourhoods that celebrate diversity

Why are we doing this?

In an effort to help solve Victoria's housing crisis, we feel it's time to start looking at growth opportunities within the city's borders. We are using urban infill to drive our development process.


This means we're building inner city infill density on vacant, under-utilized, or well connected lots.


We are very passionate about architecture so we've been partnering up with leading Canadian Architects to add beautiful and interesting buildings into the city's housing stock.

Is this a future city 

you would like to live in?

Victoria needs your help.