430 Parry Street


Approved on April 11, 2019 by Mayor and Council!

PROJECT: Rotunda

ADDRESS: 430 Parry Street


PROPOSED PROJECT: 11 townhomes with parking for 10 vehicles, 26 bicycles, and Modo car with lifetime membership for each unit

CITY ALIGNMENT: Building permit submission underway

A Neighbourhood for all

Our Rotunda project at 430 Parry is an 11-unit building providing urban family-oriented housing in the walkable, amenity-rich neighbourhood of James Bay.

Compact neighbourhoods help prevent urban sprawl, and protect the beautiful green spaces of Vancouver Island. Densifying walkable neighbourhoods reduces our car dependency which is good for people and the planet!

In the words of Mr. Rogers - "Won’t you be my neighbour?"

Rotunda was designed with multiple lifestyles and families in mind, and supports values that ultimately will lead us into the future. James Bay has all the things that make a community great: amenity rich, walkable, conducive to healthy living, lots of parks and beaches, and neighbourliness. Rotunda provides a number of unique housing types into the neighbourhood and has been designed to be a micro-community that fosters shared spaces, community rituals, and building social networks.


designed just for you
landscape and sunlight run through
I am a courtyard

We view the courtyard as the central hub of the project, bringing people and families together in this bright and open space. The arched openings designed for Rotunda were inspired by the surrounding heritage buildings. As a continuation of 440 Parry, red brick will be used on exterior walls as seen on so many of Victoria’s heritage buildings. We are blending traditional materials in a timeless, yet contemporary design.