Our principles are rooted in urbanism



The idea of densification often evokes a negative emotional response, whereas research and our experience show that urban infill can actually strengthen the quality of life in a neighbourhood.

Density brings with it investment in neighbourhood amenities and brings life out into the public realm.



Affordable housing is something we take to heart.


We develop smaller upmarket projects in more compact and walkable neighborhoods which help us do much larger affordable housing projects in other parts of town. 

We've taken this approach in order to make a far greater contribution towards affordable housing in Victoria.


The car gave us a perceived sense of freedom, but now it has come at the expense of our neighbourhoods, cities and the environment. We believe in greatly reducing dependence on the car and instead designing buildings for people.

Our projects are intended for cycling, transit, walking, and lastly, driving.




Compact neighborhoods help prevent urban sprawl so the edges of our communities aren’t bleeding into the beautiful green spaces of Vancouver Island.

This means there is more room and better utilization of public spaces: parks, beaches, playgrounds, etc.




Young people who keep urban neighbourhoods alive but the masses are growing up and looking for their next home.


What happens if these inner city neighbourhoods do not provide a variety of housing types? What if these early urban adopters are priced out of these urban communities they helped support?  They leave.



We hope people really love what we build, and they become homes, not just good investments.

We've chosen to make a strategic investment in high quality design in order to create homes that will inspire the people who will eventually rent, buy and live in them.