Anawim Society | 1628 Edgeware Road

Who is Anawim?

Established in 1987, the Anawim Companions Society is a non-profit charitable organization that is funded
through the generosity of churches, service clubs, the business community, and countless individuals. Today,
Anawim’s core purpose is to provide for the needs of people living in physical, emotional, spiritual and social
poverty. The Society accomplishes this by caring and counselling people in order to create self-determination
through mutual participation, love, dignity, and fostering purpose in people’s lives

Who is Aryze?

We are a Victoria-based developer/builder that works on a very diverse spectrum of housing from non-profit housing to market housing. Our goal is to gather the best people, use our business to create healthy, resilient places for our community to call home, and realize projects that shape our city in a positive way.

Proposal Details

The property at 1628 Edgeware has been donated to Anawim with the goal of providing a safe place for women who are at risk of homelessness or safety to find a place to get back on their feet. The technical term for a home like this is “transition house.” You may be surprised to learn that these homes exist in almost every single neighbourhood of Victoria, out of sight, providing an essential service to women in need. The reason these homes exist unknown to many is because the Community Care and Assisted Living Act supersedes municipal zoning bylaws. In plain english, these types of facilities can be built without any need for municipal approval as the Province deems their construction to be in the public interest. This is where our ask of your confidentiality comes in. These women may be fleeing domestic violence or be at risk of homelessness; the last thing they need is the location of their place of rest and support blasted all over the internet or media. What they need is loving support to get back on their feet and then transition out into stable housing which is why their residency is typically limited to one year. We have chosen to undertake the process a little differently by voluntarily going through the municipal zoning process to ensure the public is involved and that an open line of communication exists as we are new to the neighbourhood. 

Site Context and Use

Context Massing

Policy Context

Official Community Plan
‣ Traditional Residential
‣ FSR: 1.0
‣ Uses: Ground Oriented Dwellings
‣ Height: Up to three storeys

Zoning Bylaw
‣ Designation: R1-B (most common)
‣ Uses include Rooming Houses up to 4 residents

Community Care and Assisted Living Act
‣ 10 residents, no more the 6 in treatment

Site Plan

Street Context

Building Heights

Street Setbacks

Street View

The building’s form looks like a single family home. It is less tall than allowed under the current zoning, and meets all required setbacks. The angled bay windows rotating around the facade are strategically orientated to provide privacy and security for the guests. The main entry to the home is from Edgware Road with a recessed porch and large welcoming glass sidelight windows.

Lane View

The massing at the rear of the home is narrower than allowed, to let natural light into a rear private courtyard, and to minimize the impact on flanking neighbours. The top floor is designed as a modernist mansard roof, disguising the two storey house’s massing. 

Courtyard View

Hidden from view, a series of large windows open up to an intimate, landscaped courtyard that allows natural light and views of nature to permeate through out the house.

Landscape design

Vegetable gardens tended by the guests will be located in the backyard, to highlight the change of the seasons. An earth berm at the front of the house will further downplay the house’s front facade, so it appears to be nestled in a sea of wild grasses and shrubs that will bring colour and life to this mid-block site. Out front, a lush low maintenance garden and Japanese-garden style fence will complement the home’s architecture.

Project Timeline

Project Team

Owner // Anawim Housing Society

Developer // Aryze Developments
Architect // D’Arcy Jones Architecture
Builder // Aryze Construction
Landscape Designer // Biophilia Design Collective
Structural Engineer // RJC
Building Sciences // RJC
Civil Engineer // JE Anderson
Surveyor // JE Anderson
Geotechnical Engineer // RYZUK Geotechnical

Project Contact

As this is a highly iterative process, we encourage you to reach out for clarification or discussion. We can be reached at or 250-940-3568 

To be included in any future correspondence, you must register your email address using the form below! 

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