520 Normandy

Site Context & Building Massing

quiet single-family development is to the west, with civic and multi-family buildings to the east and north

on a busy arterial road.

The building’s form consists of two separate bars. One is a 6-storey apartment block and one is a 2-storey sunken townhouse block, both accessed off of a shared planted courtyard and an open-air hallway. The organization provides a stepped massing, which responds to the surrounding zoning.

Neighbourhood Grain

Native landscaping is a major component in the project’s material palette: the existing forest grove around the creek to the north end of our site will be extended to the east and south sides of our proposed building. Ship lapped fiber cement cladding will be the dominant material on the building’s exterior.

Normandy Road Elevation

The site provides density close to amenities, including Saanich commonwealth place to the north, Broadmead Village Shopping Centre and other retail along West Saanich road to the South. 

Elk Lake Drive Elevation West

The angular, jagged massing breaks up the long, linear form to create visual interest, individual varied balconies and human scale along the building’s longer frontage.

Building Design

​Above the ground floor, open-air hallways that are wider than normal will be collective porches to create social spaces bathed in west light.

Each unit enjoys indoor and outdoor living spaces, as well as natural light, views and cross ventilation on at least two building faces. The townhouse units have large, sunken west-facing patios, further hidden from their single-family neighbours with high planting to avoid overlook and preserve the existing privacy.

PROJECT: 520 Normandy

ARCHITECTURE: D'Arcy Jones Architects

LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Biophilia Design Collective

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Royal Oak, Saanich

PROPOSED PROJECT: Purpose Built Rental

CITY ALIGNMENT: Active Development Application 

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