Block x Block

Presented by Aryze

The Why


Block x Block is a new initiative we are launching that is part design contest, visioning, urban designing, and community braintrust tapping. At the heart of it, it is about rethinking our City and pioneering urbanism. 

The What


Every few months, we will open up a social media request for anybody to send in a block of the City they would like us to reimagine.

The ground rules are simple:

1. It must reasonably conform to the existing policy context.

2. Design priority will be given to everything before the private car.

3. It will benefit the whole, not the aggregated individual property interests.

4. Buildout has to be possible within a 15 year time horizon, or less.

5. It must be bold, fun, and designed to inspire.

The How

Aryze will team up with a different design team for each of the Block x Block releases. This will allow diverse minds, creativity, and skillsets to come to the surface as each street, block, and neighbourhood is different. The designed will be curated, every time.


Round 1



City: Victoria

Neighbourhood: North Park

Address: 900 block of Caledonia

Current Land Use: Parking Lot

Policy Context: Urban Core Residential

Density: 1.2 to 2.5 FSR

Height: Six Storeys

Land Use: Mixed-Use


Community Request

1. Density & Affordability

2. Must pass the trick-or-treat test

3. Fun amenities (climbing wall)

4. Architecturally unique

5. Needs to support principles of diversity and inclusion

Here we go!


Block x Block

Presented by Aryze

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