956 Heywood

Site Context & History

A small leftover site is being reimagined as a compact, six unit infill project with a simple, two home per floor layout. The circulation design creates a “vertical rowhouse” building shape that encourages interaction between neighbours and builds a strong relationship to the park across the street.

Neighbourhood Grain

Conventional materials are being used in unique ways to deliver a project that is beautiful, unique and special for the 6 residents who will eventually this their home.

A building that just wants to fit in

Wood facades and the use of screens relate to the linear and decorative qualities of the balconies on the neighbouring buildings. Combined with a flat roof and sympathetic massing, our proposed building will fit seamlessly into the existing streetscape. A bit taller than next door, but not out of place.  Its a building that just wants to fit in.

Don't throw shade

The use of screens on the facades will provide relief from hot west sun and will enliven the façade within the filigree of the linear overhangs.  While some shading will occur to the North of our building, we have done our best to minimize it.

PROJECT: 956 Heywood Ave.

ARCHITECTURE: D'Arcy Jones Architects

LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Biophilia Design Collective

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Beacon Hill Park, Fairfield

PROPOSED PROJECT: 6 homes, vertical townhouse

CITY ALIGNMENT: Application process in progress 

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