1693 Fort

Project Vision

A compact housing concept that will provide innovative rental accommodation for students within close walking distance to both the Jubilee and Stadacona Large Urban Villages.

Neighbourhood Grain

The building concept has been custom fit to both the neighbourhood and the student lifestyle. This area of South Jubilee is a heterogeneous mix of commercial and residential uses, from single family character homes to multi-family and long-term care. Neighbouring buildings are characterized by an informal relationship to Fort Street and are of a range of building styles, composed mainly of stucco and painted wood cladding, (with some brick accents).

Policy Context

In the Official Community Plan (OCP), Urban Villages are envisioned to absorb 40% of all population growth yet they only make up 3.5% of the City’s land base. The housing forms currently characterizing these areas are low-rise and mid-rise multi-unit buildings up to six storeys including townhouses and apartments, freestanding commercial and mixed-use buildings.


The density envisioned for the Large Urban Villages areas is up to 2.5 FSR. Our project, as proposed, is at 2.78 FSR which is above the OCP allowance. There are provisions in the OCP to exceed the stated density for the advancement of certain plan objectives. In our case, the objectives are rental housing, affordable housing, and public art.


This project is supported by not only the current OCP but also the Housing Strategy Phase 1 & 2, Go Victoria Mobility Plan, Climate Leadership Plan, upcoming Missing Middle Housing Study, and dozens of action items in the 2019–2022 Strategic Plan. The intent of these plans working in synthesis will provide increased housing choice near transit, amenities, and jobs.

Why Student Rental?



Fort Street: Looking South

The building mass is set into the sloping topography on Fort Street, which rises by 2m (6’-6”) across this frontage. The building angles away from the side property line to provide space for a landscaped buffer.

Belcher Avenue: Looking North

The building relates to the scale of adjacent multi-family buildings with vertically proportioned window bays and a generous setback at the 6th floor. At 6 storeys the proposed building provides an urban termination to the block and forms a threshold between this quiet street and the busy Fort Street arterial.

Each year, more than 52,000 students attend university in Victoria, BC, approximately 7,000 of which are international students. Two of the three major Universities/Colleges in the city do not have any provisions for on-campus housing and the University of Victoria only has the capacity to house about 10% of their total student population. The unregulated, off-campus housing that is scattered throughout the region does not  necessarily provide an environment to foster education and has little to no control on housing conditions and rental rates.

Fort Street: Looking East

The main façade of the building clearly expresses the grounding base of the building, the patterned main body of the building, and the set back penthouse with its roof overhang & artwork soffit.

Fort Street: Looking West

Urban gestures are visible from Fort Street, including the ground floor amenity patio.

Community Information Meeting

Due to COVID-19, we will be hosting a Zoom webinar to go over project details on Monday, January 11th from 7pm-9pm.

Topic: 1693 Fort Street - Community Information Session

Time: Jan 11, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time

Meeting ID: 932 5802 9934

Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/93258029934

Zoom Dial-in: +1 204 272 7920


PROJECT: 1693 Fort Street

ARCHITECTURE: D’Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism

LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Biophilia Design Collective

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Jubilee / Stadacona

PROPOSED PROJECT: Innovative Student Housing

CITY ALIGNMENT: Application process in progress

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