1025 Kings Road

Project Vision

This project is the embodiment of our belief that every neighbourhood should have architecturally significant, diverse housing types and tenures for all incomes and demographics.

Design Principles

This project enables a high quality, densified, compact, walkable lifestyle which is critical to solving our climate and housing crisis all while creating more livable and healthier communities.

Neighbourhood Grain

The site is within Quadra Village, with many services and amenities within typical walking distance thresholds. Near the site on Fifth Street is a mix of single family and multi-family residential buildings. Also near the site, Quadra Street offers a wide range of retail, commercial businesses, and services. The site is also less than 500 metres from the north edge of Victoria’s downtown core area.


The building grain peaks on Quadra Street and tapers as you move East off this main road which is a typical land use pattern for the City. The footprint of the existing building is symptomatic of its era with larger setbacks from the street which results in a fragmented urban design program. Modern design narratives seek to bring more intimacy to the street with tighter urban setbacks with the balance of the design program being driven by rental utility for project efficiency and affordability.

Design Inspiration

The design format is a 6 story rental building on the corner of Kings Rd. and 5th Street in the Quadra Village area. Clad in a combination of white panel and steel with perforated steel baloney guards, is mitigated via the retention of the 3 large ‘boulevard” trees on Kings and by a subtle top floor set back at the rear or south side of the building. Further, corner balconies in various depths help to “erode” the massing – visually increasing the setbacks.

This proposal improves the urban environment on that block of Kings, putting doors, patios, and life right on the south sidewalk, a stark contrast to the 65m x 6m rear wall of Fairways Food Store opposite. An ambitious landscape/planting scheme, featuring long, horizontal plant boxes and full size “Sunburst Honey Locust” along balcony edges on the 2nd and 6th level, soften the project’s strong modernist edge. 


An elevating of the 'Rental Building' stereotype and an interesting addition to a young vibrant neighbourhood experiencing a great deal of transition.

Site Layout

Located on the edge of the vibrant Quadra Village area of Victoria, the proposed rental homes are arranged in a single building design at the corner of Kings Road and Fifth Street. The bulk of the building has been deliberatively pushed north onto Kings Road to minimize impact on the adjacent, lower density area. The south side of the building introduces a step in the structure to minimize overlook and building bulk for the surrounding neighbours. The ground floor has 22 tuck under building, at grade parking stalls. For easy access, the ample bike parking is also located at grade to encourage a car-lite lifestyle.

Landscape Design

The landscape design creates a pedestrian friendly engaging planted interface that complements the expression of the contemporary architecture. The plant material selection has a strong native focus as well as attractive flowering perennials to encourage pollination, all plants are drought tolerant. The landscape design strives to envision an outdoor space that is engaging to its users, complimentary of the architecture and provides as much outdoor amenity space to encourage and foster community interaction. The plant palette is sensitive to the local ecosystem and to the population that is engaging with it.

Project Elevations

North Elevation

South Elevation


Kings Road, looking Southeast

This view illustrates the strong ground level relationship of the building to the sidewalk and the direct access loft units at grade, while the existing Boulevard Trees, in full summer livery, obscure the upper levels.

Kings Road, looking Southwest

This view illustrates the strong modern 6 story massing – eroded by corner balconies and the top floor setback to the south.

Fifth Street, looking South

Project seen from South East on 5th Street showing the large 6th level setback and the ambitious deck edge planting scheme. The “Ross Terrace” project at 2570 5th Street can be seen in the foreground.

Mobility Context



Walking and Cycling


Kings Road has sidewalks along each road edge. The majority of the nearby streets have sidewalks on both sides. There are crosswalks at all of the major intersections in the vicinity of the site.




The site is well served by transit. The proposed development site is surrounded by five major transit corridors, all within a 5 to 10 minute walk. The transit table presents nearby transit routes and approximate distances from the development site to bus stops. Buses along these routes are designed to accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, and mobility aids.

Trip Generation


The ITE trip generation rates suggest a total of 25 two-way vehicle trips during the weekday PM peak hour. Bunt anticipates actual trip generation of the site is likely to be approximately half of this amount due to location, parking supply and unit sizes.The conservative estimate of 25 total vehicle trips per peak hour equates to approximately one vehicle traveling into or out of the development site every 2–3 minutes during peak periods. This level of vehicle generation is anticipated to have a negligible impact on the adjacent road network.

More Information

Download our Application Brief for more details about the project. 

Community Meeting 

Join our community meeting via Zoom on September 17th, 2020, at 7:00 pm.


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PROJECT: 1025 Kings


LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Biophilia Design Collective

ADDRESS: 1025 Kings Road


PROPOSED PROJECT: Purpose Built Rental

CITY ALIGNMENT: Active Development Application

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